You often see commercials and hear stories about underprivileged children and working families around the world, but the same could be said for your community. Locally, every one in six children will go to bed hungry, while over half of the families in the United States are living below the poverty levels. In any community, nearly 10 percent of children and families are struggling with making ends meet.

How can you help? Genuine compassion is rare, but you can be sure there are several available avenues to show you care in your community. The following three are ways that you can make a big difference.

Find Family-Focused Charitable Organizations in Your Community

Charitable organizations are often led by local churches. Ask around to find family-focused organizations in your community, then volunteer your time to help in whatever ways you can. Those ways might be as simple as bringing food to a potluck or buying Christmas gifts for underprivileged children. Those little things add up.

Summer meals programs

Arrange Donation Events that Help Local Kids and Families

Donation events, like small fairs or sports fundraisers, could go towards helping to feed and clothe local kids and families. Summer meals programs will ensure that children in your community are fed while they are out of school. Community events are also great ways to raise awareness and inspire compassion.

Start Social Media Pages to Inspire Others in Your Community

Rack up community views with social media pages that encourage others to volunteer and help out. Most people don’t even know there’s a problem, so put it in front of them. Inspire them with feel-good stories!

You Can Change Your Community for the Better!

Making a difference in your community is as easy as seeing a problem and deciding to help. By simply caring enough to seek outlets for help, you can begin making an impact on the kids and families in your neighborhood.