Seafood has always been good for you. While some people might not be eating nearly enough of it, there are yet those who simply cannot get enough of it, seeing that it might well be a contributor towards some of their favorite dishes. For them, it might well be time to take stock. But for all the others, do tuck in. Fish species in general remain a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Even more so are their rich sources of protein.

So much more protein will you be getting out of your favorite or new seafood restaurant in Houston, TX than would have been the case had you popped down to your regular steakhouse on a Friday night, even if the steakhouse was an eat as much as you like joint. But as you move your body towards healthier eating habits, you quickly pick up that eating in this fashion is a recipe for disaster. And it turns out that as far as seafood is concerned anyhow, less is so much more. 

You do not need to eat that much to get your regular fill of minerals, vitamins and proteins. And you do not need to eat that much to get your fill of that one essential ingredients that your own body simply cannot manufacture on its own; essential omega fatty acids. The less is more recipe perhaps makes it a little easier to help replenish threatened or endangered fish species, of which there are currently many.

Also note that folks still need to watch their fish quotas in order to protect themselves from mercury poisoning. No less than two fish meals a week should be a safe limit across the board. Enjoy your meal.