No matter how great an event is, the only thing people tend to remember is the food. Good food makes people happy and keeps their energy up to fully engage with the activities around them. When an event is too important to risk cooking food yourself, hiring an event catering company can be a solution that saves time and money.

However, there are many types of catering that an individual can order depending on budget, dietary needs of guests, and the event’s theme.

Choosing the right food to match your event doesn’t have to be complicated or even time-consuming. However, there are a few factors to consider before making a catering order:

·    The number of people attending.

·    The type of food desired.

·    The level of service needed to serve food to guests.

So whether it’s an all-you-can-eat bar or a seven-course sit-down meal, there are plenty of food options to make your next event a complete success!

BBQ catering Kansas City

For Large Events

In terms of having enough food to feed every guest, no matter the number of people that show up, an event planner can never go wrong with BBQ catering Kansas City style. This slow-cooked style of BBQ makes enough portions for guests to take leftovers if needed, and the thick sweet, hickory sauces typical to this cooking style will leave guests raving about the food.


Those that need to feed their guests for a small event can impress with a high-tea service catering or other themed finger foods. These tiny foods can be crafted from a variety of ingredients and include recipes such as cucumber sandwiches, cakes, and pastries, Swedish meatballs, or crab puffs.

A professional catering service will be able to help you design the right menu to meet your needs.